Course Impact

Listen to how this course impacted people from many nations in an International Church in Stockholm.

Outcome as a result of completing the course

Results of a survey on how this course has impacted many people.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. The Impact of the Course

    3. The Impact of the Course on International Participants

    4. How long will the study take?

    5. How is the Course Structured?

    6. Navigating Finances God's Way - Study Tools

    1. Module 1: Study "How we handle money impacts our relationship with the Lord.

    2. Module 1: Compass Perspective

    3. Module 1: Financial Application

    1. Module 2: Study - God's Part & Our Part

    2. Module 2: Compass Perspective on God's Part & Our Part

    3. Module 2: Financial Application

    1. Module 3: Study - Work

    2. Module 3: Compass Perspective on Work

    3. Module 3: Application

    1. Module 4: Study - Debt

    2. Module 4: Compass Perspective on Debt

    3. Module 4: Financial Application

    1. Module 5: Study - Counsel

    2. Module 5: Compass Perspective on Counsel

    3. Module 5: Financial Application

About this course

  • €59,90
  • A 10 module course
  • Each module has a practical section to help you manage your finances.
  • Each module contains notes from Compass to help you understand what the Bible says about many aspects of handling money - God's way!

This course contains ...

  • Digital workbook

    € 20 value

    This digital workbook contains Bible study questions to help you discover what The Lord has t0o say about managing finances. It can be downloaded to your pc for further reference.

  • Practical Application

    €10 value

    This section will take you step-by-step in organising your finances, such as making a budget, a debt repayment plan, setting financial goals and more!.

  • Compass Notes

    €10 value

    Howard Dayton and `Mark Lloydbottom have written extensive notes on each module, for you to see what Compass has to say on each of the 9 major topics for your study.

Discover what the Bible says about managing money - God's way!