Course curriculum

    1. Blessed to Be a Blessing!

    2. Welcome to the course

    1. Seasons of Generosity - Introduction

    2. Growing through the seasons of life

    3. The Selfish Giant

    4. Open your workbook

    1. Growing to become a servant

    2. Servant Generosity in Action

    3. A Testimony - Growing from Seeker to Servant

    4. Open your workbook

    1. Financial planning to grow in generosity

    2. God's Pie

    3. First Fruits

    4. Open your workbook

    1. Investing in Your Eternity Portfolio

    2. Investing in Eternity

    3. The Grace of Giving

    4. Open your workbook

About this course

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  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Contains a digital, downloadable workbook for your notes.

"You are never more like Christ, than when you are giving!"

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